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Fearsome Boy: The Childhood of Yamato Takeru

Emperor Keiko had two princes named Ousu , and Wousu.

Ous is older ,Wousu is yonger.

One day, the Emperor heard that there are two beautiful sisters who named EHime and OtoHime in Mino land and he wanted to make them his wives.

So he ordered Ousu(older son) to visit the Mino land and bring the two beauties to him.

However, when Ousu(older son) brought the two beautiful sisters, Ousu fall in love with hers.

Ousu took two beauties as his own wives and presented them to the emperor the other women .

Ousu pretending that the other women were EHime and OtoHime to emperor.

Until then Ousu not had any wife, So he had envied his father who has many wives .

Ousu feel guilty because he had lied to his father.

So Ousu stopped coming to the emperor’s morning and evening meals.

Then the emperor said to Wousu (younger son).


Your brother, Ousu, hasn’t been coming in for his breakfast and dinner lately.

That’s not good.

You bring your brother by ” negisatoshite”

“negisatoshite” is an old Japanese.
“negi” means rewards well (to reward that Ousu brought two beautiful women)
“satoshite” means teach (to teach come to emperor’s meal properly)

Five days later, however, Ousu did not appear.

Then the emperor said to Wousu.


I still don’t see your brother coming.

Could it be that you haven’t told him yet?


I already “negisatoshite” my brother


How to “negisatoshite” him

Wousu gives a startling reply.


I waited for my brother to enter the latrine in the morning, caught him, grabbed him, struck him, scratched his arm, wrapped him in a straw mat, and threw him into the latrine.

”Negi” that an old japanese, also means crush.

Conquest of Kumaso Takeru: The Birth of Yamato Takeru

Emperor thought like this.

How temperamental he is!
Even though he is my son.

It’s horrible ((((((((;゚Д゚))))

I don’t want he to be with me.

Emperor afraid Wousu and he hoped Wousu’s death.

So emperor ordered Wousu like that.


There are two brothers named Kumaso Takeru in the west country.

They are disobedient and disrespectful to Our country.

Defeat Kumaso Takerus !

Wousu was only fifteen or six years old at the time.

He felt uneasy about his first expedition.

Emperor didn’t give him any army accompany him.

Before going on a western expedition, he visited his aunt Yamato Hime, the top priestess of Ise Shrine, for advice.


Auntie, what should I do?


Poor Wousu……Take this.

Yamato-Hime handed her kimono to Wousu.

After receiving the kimono from Yamato-hime, Wouss headed west with a sword.

Wousu arrived at Kumasotakeru’s mansion.


This is a fortified house. I can’t get into it.

The Kumaso Takeru’s mansion is surrounded by three layers of soldiers and a mountain rock cave.

Wousu heard that Kumaso Takeru’s preparing the housewarming feast.

So Wous spent some time wandering around Kumasotakeru’s house, waiting for the day of the housewarming feast.

On the day of the housewarming feast, Wous took the form of a young girl, wearing a kimono that his aunt Yamato-hime had given him.

Then Wousu entered the Kumaso Takeru’s mansion among the women.

The Kumaso Takeru brothers were attracted to Wousu, who was disguised as a girl, and made her sit between them and let he serve.

When the Kumaso Takelu brothers were drunk, Wousu produced his sword from his quarters.

And Wousu grabbed Kumaso Taker’s older brother by the collar of his robe and thrust it through his chest.

Kumaso Taker’s younger brother ran away.

When the younger brother was cornered at the bottom of the stairs, Wousu grabbed him by the back and thrust the sword through his ass.

Kumaso Takeru

Don’t move that sword yet, I have something to say to you.


OK!  I wait you.

Kumaso Takeru

Who are you?


I am the son of the great Emperor of Yamato.

The emperor heard that you two Kumaso Takeru had no respect for the emperor,so he commanded me to kill you!

Kumaso Takeru

I thought there was no one else in this land who was stronger than us two.

Now I know there was a man stronger than us in the land of Yamato (゚д゚)!

I will give you a name.

From now on, you will call yourself Yamato Takeru!

When Kumaso Takeru finished saying this, Wousu killed Kumaso Takeru.

From then on, Wousu called himself Yamato Takeru .

Conquest of Izumo Takeru

After leaving Kumaso, Yamato Takeru went to the country of Izumo.

Yamato Takeru hoped to destroy Izumo Takeru,who was the head of the country,

The first thing Yamato Takeru did was to make friends with Izumo Takeru.

Yamato Takeru secretly made a fake sword out of red cypress.

Yamato Takeru made a proposal to Izumo Takeru: “I’m going to take a bath with you”

And、After bathing ,when they were dressing,Yamato Takeru said to Izumo Takeru

Yamato Takeru

Why don’t we exchange each other’s swords as a token of our friendship? 

Izumo Takeru exchanged swords as Yamato Takeru said.

He wore a fake sword made by Yamato Takeru.

After that Yamato Takeru said to Izumo Takeru……

Yamato Takeru

Let ‘s match swords, shall we?

Yamato Takeru and Izumo Takeru tried to pull out their swords together.

But Izumo Takeru couldn’t do so.

Because the sword worn by Izumo Takeru was a fake.

Yamato Takeru slashed the Izumo Takeru with a sword.

After Killed Izumo Takeru , Yamato Takeru composed a waka.

Yamato Takeru

Yatsumesasu Izumotakelu ga hakeru tachi
Tsudsula sawamaki saminashi aware

(The tachi sword Izumo Takeru is wearing has a nice vine wrapped around it.
But it doesn’t actually have a sword blade.
Oh strange!)